Florence, Italy: A Land of Beauty…and Food.

By now, I’m pretty sure you are aware of the fact that I love food. It’s in the name of my blog even…. Art Travel EAT Repeat.Clearly food is a big part of my life. So, it should come as no surprise to you that when I visited Italy, food played a very central role in the activities I engaged in.

Pizza in Florence

Florence was an amazing city. It was beautifully laid out and my amazing hotel looked out over the river and the Ponte Vecchio. It was picture perfect. We explored all that Florence has to offer while we were there…the Florence Cathedral, Boboli Gardens, Santo Spirito, and of course the museums and parks all over the city. It was wonderful and beautiful and I’ll never forget my time there.

There is one more thing I’ll never forget, and that was the food.

Oh, Italy. Your food is so delicious! In Florence, I ate gelato, more gelato, and even more gelato. When I was tired of gelato, I had cannoli and tiramisu to keep me company. It wasn’t all desserts, however, as there were pizzas and plates of gnocchi and pasta to devour. Those plates of gnocchi weren’t going to devour themselves!

There was one notable cafe in particular that was near the Ponte Vecchio where I crossed over to the other side of the city every morning. They had these little cannolis that I just couldn’t resist. I bought one (or more than one) every single time I passed the cafe.

Of course, it wasn’t all restaurants and dining out. In Florence, we had a small kitchen in our room and took full advantage of it by visiting the shops and markets around town. There was the pasta shop, the butcher, the cheese shop, the olive oil shop, the vegetable stand, the wine shop, and of course the herbs and spices shop. We also visited the regular supermarket, where we loaded ourselves down with way too much food that we then had to lug about three miles back to our hotel room. It was wonderful.

The food in Italy is declicious and abundant. May you travel there and dine on the very best!

Of course, this was before I knew celiac was the cause of some of my ills, so I did eat the gluten with reckless abandon at the time (no wonder I ended up getting sick later in Rome).



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