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When Life Gets You Down….

When you can’t be here, take stock in the small things.

Do you ever have those moments where life just gets you down? We all have those moments where we look at the state of things in our lives, in the world, or in both, and it just feels like everything is crappy and nothing will get better. I try to live my life in an optimistic, positive manner, but I’m certainly not immune to feeling this way from time to time.

This is, primarily, a travel blog, but I like to write about general life happiness and wellness also because the fact of the matter is that most of us can’t live our lives in a bubble where we float from one fabulous location to the next. We can’t all satiate our wanderlust at all moments, and there are days, weeks, or even months at a time where life can feel like a mundane, dreary routine of monotony.

There are so many travel bloggers out there who will show you nothing but glossy, high fashion photos of themselves next to some stunning backdrop in some remote place of the world. They always look so beautiful, so happy, so relaxed. They are seemingly in a different destination every week and you wonder how they can possibly afford to live a lifestyle of constant luxury travel. It can sometimes seem like there is a whole class of people out there who are living out these fabulous lives that are so utterly unattainable to the rest of us.

We live in an era of instant gratification and of highly curated online personas. If I so chose, I could strategically roll out photos of myself in the fabulous destinations I’ve traveled to at regular intervals. To the online observer, it would look like I, too, were living this travel dream, but it would be untrue. I do hope to someday achieve a life where I have the time and resources to travel full time, but I’m not there yet and the truth is, most people aren’t.

That being said, travel makes me happy. Travel is my renewal, my dream, and my passion. I travel with every bit of spare time and money I can scrape together. I travel at the expense of other luxuries in my life. I write this blog because travel is what I’m passionate about and I want to share my insights, stories and adventures with all of you.

However, I’ve heard so many people say that they can’t live a life of travel and that they are stuck. Maybe it’s money they don’t have. Maybe it’s time they don’t have. Maybe it’s both. I understand, and I’ve been there. I also live in the United States where vacation time is scarce and many companies aren’t amenable to letting people take time off. I’ve been in debt, struggling just to pay the bills. I know what that’s like, but even through those darker times in my past, travel has been the constant ray of light in my life. I have always found a way. Sometimes that way was a camping road trip. Sometimes it was a visit to somebody who lives in another place. At times it was just a local weekend “getaway” into nature. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

This too shall pass.

But this post isn’t just about travel, it’s about life. It’s about happiness in general. Since we all have to live in the real world, it’s important to remember to have perspective. When times are tough, I find the phrase this too shall pass reminds me that things will not always be this way. I find that in those dark moments, when I’m feeling my lowest, it’s the little things that bring me out of it.

  • A picnic lunch on a sunny day (especially on a work day).
  • A walk in the rain.
  • Going for a hike on the weekend.
  • Spending time in a coffee shop, lingering over a latte and people watching.
  • Finding someplace beautiful in nature and just hanging out there for a while, noticing small details like the color variations in a flower or the twittering of small birds.
  • Taking time to sketch, or to write, or to make a craft. Creative expression is healing.
  • Taking time to do something nice for myself. Maybe it’s a long bath, or spending a quiet hour reading a novel, or just an afternoon nap on a Saturday.
  • A day at the beach, or the park, or the lake, or wherever else is outdoors and nearby.
  • Taking time to get some exercise, even if it’s just a walk.
  • Spending time with a friend.

These are the things that get me through life’s low points. That and reminding myself that no matter what is happening, it will pass and things will get better.

What do you do to lift yourself back up when you are feeling low? I truly hope this post helps to remind all of you out there that life will get better and to make sure to take time to appreciate the small moments. 


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  1. I love this! And I love so much what you say about the ‘fashion travel bloggers’. Truth is, I never find their blogs or stories interesting because it all seems so fake, you never get as much as a glimpse of the true person, nothing authentic. I love real people and real stories. Nothing faked.
    And yes, it is so important to have a list of things that cheer you up and self-care is definitely one of the most important ones. I can pretty much relate to all your wrote and add that I always watch some of my favorite films that I know that will cheer me up and more importantly inspire me 😉

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    • I feel the same way. I like bloggers who tell it like it is. I like to hear the bad along with the good…I want to know how they made things happen, even if it wasn’t so glamorous. Glossy pictures are nice and all, but I want to hear about what’s real! I always try to tell it like it is…what it cost, how long I worked for it, what mishaps might have happened along the way, etc. because that’s what I would want to read about from others!

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      • Honestly, I never really gave it much thought until I’ve seen it first hand while in Madrid… when I watched how they were taking those photos… it suddenly strike me 😀 there’s just something so wrong about it…

        Liked by 1 person

      • I once spent the weekend on Catalina Island here in Southern California with my husband. We were sitting at a lovely beachfront table at the Descanso Beach Club, enjoying some guacamole and cocktails, when two girls sauntered onto the beach in front of us. For an hour, I kid you not….an HOUR…we watched as they posed and took picture after picture after picture to try and get that perfect Instagram-worthy shot. It was bizarre!

        I mean, I’m not immune to taking a photo and then going, “ewwww….that’s horrible! Let’s take another!” but this was way more than overkill.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 😀 😀 what happened with authenticity?! Everyone always pretending to be perfect – where are the true memories behind these photos? I wonder if these girls even see and enjoy where they are… It’s sad. Very, very sad.

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