Packing for Paris

*****Warning: Extremely girly blog post alert*****

Yes folks, today we’re going to be talking travel fashion….

I’m planning a trip to Paris! Hooray! So, this naturally got me thinking about the kinds of things I will want to pack for my beautiful journey. I’ve read a lot of lists and debates on


Last time I was in Paris

the “proper” way to dress when traveling to this destination or that destination, and I have mixed feelings on what I’ve read. A lot of people love to tell others they are being tacky if they wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothing around Paris, but I’ve always had a bit of an issue with the whole tourist disdain thing. I say if you want to wear something, wear it (as long as you’re being culturally sensitive and not, you know, wearing a bikini while strolling down the street in the Middle East or something).


Bought this skirt in Belgium.

That being said, I like to try and blend in with the locals as much as possible whenever I travel. I don’t like being pegged as a tourist so if I can help it, I make my best effort to not look like a tourist. It’s a personal preference. Didn’t do me much good in Japan where I’m obviously not Japanese, but in places like Europe and Australia, I’m able to get by pretty stealthily most of the time due to my Caucasian ethnic background and carefully planned outfits. It all falls apart when I open my mouth and they hear my accent, of course, but hey…you can’t win them all.

Anyway, back to the subject of packing for Paris. The thing about Parisians is that they are a stylish bunch! So, if one wants to try and blend in whilst in Paris, one must step up their style game. I have a bit of an obsessive disorder when it comes to Paris, so I’ve spent a lot of time looking into the subject, including my previous time in Paris, where I managed to get mistaken for British a lot, but didn’t quite blend in with the locals.


Ok, so here’s my plan for packing for Paris….

The first thing I want to ensure is that my style is classic and can be mixed and matched. This means relatively plain, solid color items in neutral colors. I’ll add in color with accessories.


Since it’s Paris, I’m thinking classic and fashionable. I’ll be packing a trench coat, much like this one…


I like wearing skirts because in general, they are more comfortable than pants but they still look like you’re making an effort. I like to wear spandex short leggings under my skirts to prevent…ummm….thigh rubbing as I wander around on foot all day. I like the Jockey Skimmies Slipshort, which works well for this purpose. As far as skirts go, I like fairly plain but flattering skirts that go just below the knee in classic colors like black or gray.


Nothing fussy here. Skinny jeans or black slacks. And if I can find these pants, I’ll definitely be bringing them…


Since I’m what people call a “pear shaped body” (a.k.a. I look good up top but I’ve got some junk in the trunk) I like to wear more form fitting tops and bigger, billowy bottoms (hence the skirt, above). I like to go with classics like tank tops in neutral colors in general. These go with either the pants or skirts and allow for more versatility.


I like to bring a couple comfortable dresses whenever I travel. If it’s chillier, I’ll put some long black leggings underneath. If it’s warmer, I’ll wear those skimmies I mentioned earlier. Easy. Comfortable. You know, something like this…


It’s going to depend on the weather forecast, but there are three possibilities of shoes I’ll bring on this trip. I may bring all three, but if I can narrow it down to two of these I’ll be happy.

Ballet slippers or loafers.

They are comfortable and slip on and off. They also take practically no space in your suitcase and can be used for any dressier occasions.

Comfortable, fashionable walking sandals.

A pair of comfortable walking shoes, like these…


This is where I like to let the colors come out. I’ll keep the outfit plain and classic and then add in colorful scarves, necklaces, bracelets, belts, etc.

So there you have it, that’s how I’ll be packing for Paris. Have you been to Paris? What kinds of things did you/would you pack for a visit? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. When is your trip? We went in the beginning of March this year. We only stayed one night in Paris, but I knew that I had to put some effort into my outfits. When we were walking around the city, I was sporting some leggings and knee high boots with a leather jacket over a sweater over a tank top. For the evening, we went on a dinner cruise, so I wore an A-line, maroon dress with a grey pee coat over top with black sheer polka dotted pantyhose and black booties. I will say, those booties were the wrong call as we ended up walking just under 2 miles. 😦

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    • We haven’t picked dates yet but it will be sometime in the Spring. I wanted to go in the Fall but we’ve got some weddings and some other trips around the U.S. we’re taking, so Spring it is. Last time I was there, it was early June, but I’m thinking maybe March or April. I would say a good pair of insoles might help the situation. I walked around Japan in February in a pair of ankle-high black boots, and with the insoles they held up pretty well as I walked around for hours and hours at a time. I’m definitely into finding the most comfortable, fashionable item I can. More stylish walking shoes for the heavy walking days. Ballet flats for the lighter walking days, and the sandals for the in-between days seems to work, but you’ll get tired no matter what you’re wearing when you’re walking a ton.

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  2. Yayyy Paris! My favorite place ever! You’re on your way to packing like a true Parisian 🙂 And definitely bring scarves, they’re so chic! That is, unless you want to buy them when you’re there… 😀

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  3. ‘Love this post and you’ve got it right. Especially with the dresses and scarf. Most important in Paris!

    I’ve been to Paris a million times, for dinner, I’d say wear a little bit of a heel if you can, rather than flats. And you can never go wrong with boots!


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  4. Ah I am so excited for you! I just went to Paris in May and it was magical. One thing I highly suggest too is a backpack to carry around with a lock. I actually got pick pocketed while in Paris but I was lucky enough to get my item back. Also the weather was pretty staggered, some days were very hot and others it got pretty cool so definitely bring jackets just in case. I hope you have fun and be safe! 🙂

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