Wanderlust Wednesday: Sofia, Bulgaria

I haven’t posted a Wanderlust Wednesday in a while, but today I wanted to start it back up again with a post on the beautiful European city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria has been nicknamed, “Europe’s Most Affordable Capital”. If that’s not enough reason to pay it a visit, it’s actually quite a beautiful place. This Balkans capital is definitely on my bucket list.

Today, with the help of these Instagrammers, I’m daydreaming of this beautiful Eastern European city, the subject of today’s Wanderlust Wednesday.


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Murales 🖌🍭😬 #sofiabulgaria🇧🇬#chupachups#murales#colori#details

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#sofiacity ❤️ #bulgaria #sosofia

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#sofiabulgaria🇧🇬 #sofia #sofiabulgaria #alexandernevsky #cathedral #travel #bulgaria

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Have you been to Bulgaria? I would love to hear your travel tips!



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  1. Hi 🙂 Bulgaria is definitely an hidden gem. The Balkans are amazing and after having visited almost all of them I believe it is my favorite region of whole Europe.

    Sofia is amazing, yet, it is not even as close as to whole Bulgaria in general, which is astonishing. I have been living here in Sofia for over a year now and I do not regret any second I have spent in this city.

    If you’re looking for tips I can definitely help you with it. It is an extremely cheap place for some wonderful vacation.

    Feel free to follow my website, fb page or instagram. I see that you’re quite interested in instagrammers from BG 🙂

    Kind regards and happy travels 🙂

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  2. I have twice lived in Bulgaria for two-year stints and have traveled extensively throughout the country. My first visit was in 1987 and it’s been fascinating seeing the changes in the country over the decades. We hope to move back there in the next few years. Take a look at my Bulgaria-focused blog.

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