Do These Things Before Every Flight

There are a few things I like to do before I get on a flight that, in my opinion, make the experience much better.

Since I’m into sharing with all of you out there on the worldwide web, I would like to share these tips with you in the hopes that it will make things run smoothly for you as well.

Think about what you’re going to wear on the flight. Think carefully.

Back in the day, people used to dress up for flights. It was a fancy occasion! These days, you’re likely to see a mixture of business people wearing suits and everybody else sporting their best sweatpants and hoodies. I get it. Planes are uncomfortable, and especially on long-haul flights, you’ll want to be comfortable so you can try to sleep. That being said, here are a few things to consider when you plan out your in-flight ensemble…

  • Planes are cold. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading from San Diego to Miami in the middle of July. Forget the outside temperatures…it’s going to be cold on the flight. That’s why I like to dress in layers. Typically on a flight that I don’t plan on sleeping on (i.e. relatively short daytime flights) I’ll wear a pair of black leggings under a cotton sleeveless dress with a sweater and a big scarf. I typically wear loafers or ballet flats on the plane, which can be easily slipped off through security and once I get in my seat and want to get more comfortable. The sweater and scarf keep me warm on the plane. The scarf, rolled up, can double as a pillow, and I can shed those layers once I’m off the plane where it’s warm again.
  • Be prepared for your destination. What I mean by this is that if you’re leaving, say, Los Angeles, and will be arriving in say, Iceland, you’re going to want to have some warm clothes like a big coat and boots ready to go for when you get off the plane. Don’t pack those things deeply in your suitcase or you’ll freeze until you get to your hotel room. Same goes for vice versa. If you’re a New Yorker heading to the Caribbean in winter to get a little relief from the cold, you’ll want to step off the plane ready to change into something that won’t make you die of heat stroke. I recommend packing the necessary things in your carry-on so you’ll have it handy. Just change in the airport bathroom before you head outside after landing.

Water is your friend. Alcohol? Not so much.

Planes dehydrate people. Be prepared by bringing on a large bottle of water with you for the flight. When the flight attendants come around asking what you want to drink, choose things like water and tea. Sometimes I’ll choose an orange juice or tomato juice if I’m feeling like I need a little vitamin C, or some ginger ale if my stomach is feeling unsettled…but water is king.

That being said, alcohol dehydrates you so you might want to skip it until you reach that poolside cocktail bar.

I like to bring a refillable water bottle with me. I just fill it up in the terminal water fountain after I pass through security.

Pack Snacks for the journey.

This is a biggie for me because as a celiac, I never know what the food situation is going to be in-flight. Even on flights that provide GF meals, they aren’t always that great. Let’s not get into all the times I’ve been served a couple pieces of lettuce with an orange as a “GF meal” while I jealously watch my husband tuck into a plate of pasta with chicken. Couldn’t I have had the chicken, too? Guess not. Lettuce and an orange is what I get to hold me over on a ten hour flight. NOM NOM NOM.

That’s why I always pack snacks with me. I like to pack things that travel well. Things like nuts, bars, fruit, and even sandwiches (GF bread of course) travel well. Just make sure whatever you are packing is allowed by TSA (or whatever agency dictates security in the country you’re in), as well as the airline. Also make sure to eat or dispose of anything before going through customs in a new country. Some countries have pretty strict policies on bringing food in. Some foods are usually allowed, but you’ll want to research your destination’s policies on this before you fly.

Pack some…ahem…hygiene products.

Ladies, this one is for you….be prepared with tampons, pads, whatever it is that you use. It’s not that you can’t find these things abroad, especially in developed countries, because you can…it’s just that you don’t want to be stressing about that in a new and unfamiliar place.

Also pack the other kind of hygiene products in your carry-on. I’m talking about toothpaste, toothbrush, face wipes, etc. If they lose your baggage at the airport, you’ll thank yourself.

Also pack a change of underwear for that same reason. If they lose your luggage you’ll be praising the heavens that you brought a spare pair of underwear. Trust me on this one.

What kinds of preparations do you always make before you fly? I would love to hear about it in the comments!


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