I Did the Sky Slide in L.A. and Survived!

L.A. from above.

Ok, maybe the title of this post is a little dramatic. It’s really not as death defying as all that. Still, it was a unique experience and definitely worth checking out if you’re in L.A.

The official name of this place is the OUE Skyspace Los Angeles, and it’s located on the 69th and 70th floors of the iconic U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, which is currently the tallest building in L.A. (at least until they complete the Wilshire Grand Center, currently under construction).

Skyspace boasts the tallest open-air observation deck in California and has impressive panoramic views of all of Los Angeles. This observation deck has only been open since 2016, so even for this native Angelino it was an interesting, new sight to be able to go up there and see the impressive views. It’s worthwhile to go there just for the observation deck alone, but let’s get back to the slide….

See the tallest building in the distance in this picture? That’s where the sky slide is.

The slide itself is an outdoor glass slide that goes between the 70th and 69th floors of the building. When on the slide, you can see everything below you, all the way to the ground, so it’s definitely a bit thrilling!

And for the grand finale, here I am on the slide…..

Have you ridden the Sky Slide in L.A.? Would you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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