This Culver City Airbnb was Great!

When I stay in a great Airbnb, I like to let others know so they can also benefit from the experience. 🙂

If you’re planning on visiting Los Angeles in the near future and you’re not quite sure where to stay, I have a suggestion! This Culver City Airbnb was delightful!

I often get asked where to stay in L.A. since I’ve lived in or around the city for pretty much my entire life. I live in San Diego now, but since my family and my husband’s family are all still up in L.A., I’m still there a lot. The thing is, all that Los Angeles family means I don’t usually stay in Airbnb or hotels…I just stay at somebody’s house! However, my husband and I had our anniversary weekend and wanted to do something fun. We wanted to get out of San Diego for a little while and do something fun, but we were also in the process of saving up for several other trips so didn’t want to spend too much money. Places like Palm Springs and Santa Barbara were thrown out there, but ultimately we decided we would just stay somewhere without family for the weekend, hang out in L.A., and do a bunch of fun stuff! Nothing wrong with playing hometown tourist.


So anyway, we decided on Culver City both for it’s central location to the things we wanted to do as well as it’s relative affordability over the more beachfront communities. It wasn’t too long to drive anywhere in the city or to the beaches, and the unit came with an assigned parking space, which, if you haven’t spent much time in L.A., is amaaaaaazing.

The apartment itself was a ground floor one-bedroom apartment with hard wood floors and a spacious living room. It had a full kitchen, a nice bathroom, a little outdoor patio area, and a full dining room table. Their listing said it could sleep up to four people but it only had one bed, so it would sleep two comfortably and two more could sleep on the extra long couch if needed.


The hosts were extremely friendly and even left us little gifts during our time there such as a bottle of wine one night and some pastries in the morning. Prices will likely fluctuate depending on the time of year visiting, but this Airbnb was way more affordable than any hotel room, and I felt just as comfortable as if I was sitting at home. Highly recommended.


I should note that these hosts have several other listings as well, so if this one is unavailable and you’re looking for a good host, I recommend these guys. Happy Travels!


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