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Genius Packing Tips Found on Pinterest

If you guys aren’t using Pinterest yet, you really should be. It’s a place where people from all over the world come together and share fun ideas, beautiful photos, great tips, and wonderful recipes (and more). There’s nothing I love more than getting sucked into a Pinterest browsing rabbit hole for a couple of hours. However, today we’re going to talk about some awesome packing tips I found on Pinterest that I just had to share with all of you.

Protect wine bottles with swim floaties.

If you love wine as much as I do, you’ll know that there is no cargo more precious than that delightfully delicious bottle of wine you bought while traveling. Of course, you have to then figure out how to get it home. Thanks to TSA’s liquid restrictions, lovingly holding it throughout your entire flight home is no longer an option. No, that sweet, sweet cargo has to go in your checked bag, sadly. While visions of airport bag handlers throwing your luggage containing your precious alcoholic cargo dance through your head, it might be pretty hard to relax during your flight. Not to worry! Just wrap that sucker in an inflatable pool floatie and it has automatic cushioning. Genius!

Via Buzzfeed.

Wrap heated hair appliances in pot holders.

While your hotel most likely provides a blow dryer, they might not provide a curling iron or hair straightener. What is a hair-conscious girl to do when she just straightened her hair, but she now has to pack for her flight while the iron is still hot? Wrap it in a pot holder, of course. I say, genius!

Via Huffington Post.

Bring an empty water bottle through security.

More clever tricks needed due to TSA restrictions. Sigh. You can’t bring much liquid with you through airport security. If you’re a thirsty traveler like myself, you probably have a routine of immediately buying the biggest water bottle you can find immediately after going through airport security. While this is fine, the airport knows they have you over a barrel and they definitely charge a premium for those water bottles. Why not bring an empty bottle through instead and just fill it up at the water fountain after you get through security?

Via Map Happy.

Use a contact lens case for makeup on short trips.

So…the TSA only lets us bring small amounts of liquid on planes, which if I do say so myself, is a royal pain in the you know what. That being said, when I travel, I still want to bring all my makeup and lotion with me. Those are the things I use every day! When tiny bottles in a tiny zipper bag just won’t hold all the items you need, consider squirting a little bit into a contact lens case and leaving the big bottle at home. This will only work on short trips, really, but it’s a genius idea for business travelers and weekend getaways.

Via Good Housekeeping.

Cover your razor with a binder clip.

OUCH! That’s the exclamation I make every time I reach into my luggage and accidentally grab an exposed razor blade. This tip is clever…cover it with one of those binder clips and protect yourself from bleeding. Really not sure why I didn’t think of this one.


Bring a Sarong.

Ok, so this one isn’t really a packing “hack” like the other things on this list have been, but honestly…everybody should bring a sarong with them when they travel. Allow me to explain: A sarong is one of the handiest things you can pack on any trip. It has so many uses. You can, of course, use it as a sarong, which is great, but you can also use it as a beach blanket, a makeshift bag, a towel for either the beach or just for getting out of the shower, a skirt, a sheet, or a wrap if you get a little chilly.

Via Budget Travel.

Put dryer sheets in your shoes.

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Look…shoes stink sometimes. If you put stinky shoes in your luggage, you’re going to have stinky everything. If you put dryer sheets in your shoes, it will help keep everything a little more….fresh.

Via Real Simple.

Use a paper clip to lock your luggage.

Ok, so it doesn’t really “lock” your luggage…but if you have one of those suitcases that likes to unzip itself, this will help prevent it from opening up somewhere 40,000 feet in the air. Plus, if you use an actual lock on your luggage and the TSA can’t get into it, they have sometimes been known to cut the lock if they can’t get into it. It’s up to you to decide, but the paper clip thing is a good alternative for those who just want to keep their zipper zipped.

Via PopSugar.

Organize your jewelry in a pill case.

You know those pill a day organizers? You can use them to put things like rings, earrings, and small necklaces inside of them. The dividers will keep them from tangling themselves together into a giant mess of a knot that is impossible to untangle (my experience speaking on that one). Plus, these pill organizers are way less expensive than similar organizers marketed for jewelry, but hey…it gets the same job done! Genius.

Via How to Have it All Blog.

Pack your shoes in a shower cap.

I don’t know why I never thought of this one, really. I go hiking a lot on trips and I often come back to my room with muddy, disgusting shoes. I of course try to clean them up the best I can but inevitably the time comes when I need to pack again and my shoes are still somewhat disgusting. I wrap them in whatever is available usually, but sometimes it’s hard to find something good to wrap them in. Hotel rooms always provide those cheap shower caps. Why not put shoes in them when packing them back up?

Via Lifehacker.

Use plastic wrap to keep your bottles from exploding.

Have you ever had a bottle of shampoo explode inside of your bag? Honestly, there’s not much worse than opening your bag to discover the shampoo is EVERYWHERE. This one is so stupid simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Just take a little bit of plastic wrap and wrap it around the bottle cap BEFORE you screw it on. That’s it.

Via Alexa Travels.

What are your favorite packing tips? Would love to hear about some of the things you do to make things a little bit easier when you travel!


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  1. When I was taking a trip during the colder months, I wore an over sized scarf on the flight in and out and used it as a blanket and/or a pillow on the plane. Plus, over sized scarfs make any outfit look good. 🙂

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