A Guide On How To Save On Hotel Rooms When You Travel

I am pleased to announce that today we have a guest post from Elena at Elena is here to give us some great information on saving on hotel rooms and accommodation while traveling. Enjoy!


Accommodation is the base aspect of any travel, and we all want a good deal out of it. The question everyone asks themselves is how much they will have to spend, for the best service by a hotel for the duration they wish to stay.

Below are nine pointers on ensuring accommodation fits into your budget.

Going The Hostels Way



Most hotels offer the hostel option, where the sleeping area is open, with a number of single, double or triple-decker beds. Most of the amenities in the hotel are shared, which cuts the cost of accommodation by more than half, while giving the same services.  In most cases, modern hostels offer more services than hotels offering individual rooms. This option is best for group travel.


Short Term Rentals


Rentals are fully furnished apartments, and are perfect for people wishing to stay more than a week in travel. The biggest advantage of rentals is they give you a home away from home feeling, and charge surprisingly low charges as compared to hotel rooms.


Create An Impression Of Hotels Bidding For You



When looking for the best price for a hotel room, don’t forget to inform them that a competitor hotel is willing to offer you a similar service for a lower price. This pushes the hotel to giving you the cheapest offer they can, to avoid losing you to their competitor.


Advance Booking


Accommodation prices always shoot over weekends or on high seasons such as holidays. Most hotels offer advance booking services, which can go more than a month in advance. The advantage of advance booking is you reserve the best rooms, and you won’t be affected by the shooting prices, and you might pay almost half of those who pay on the day of arrival.


Shop Around For A Good Deal


Having a preferred hotel for accommodation is a good idea, but it does not always mean a good deal for your wallet. When travelling, always be open for other new hotel experiences. When you look around, you are able to compare prices, and go with the one which suites your budget.


Travel On The Off Peak


Accommodation costs escalate during high peak seasons. It’s most economical to plan your travels on the off peak seasons, and similarly on weekdays as opposed to weekends. This saves you more than 50% of the travel expenses, with a more comfortable stay due to the less congestion.

Location Of The Hotel


When shopping for a hotel, it’s location in relation to your sites of travel should be a point to consider. If you wish for a vacation away in the beach, you can opt for a hotel which is a 30 minute drive from the beach, which would turn out to be 50% cheaper than the 10 minute walk away beach front hotels.

Direct Booking


A lot of people who travel a lot advise others to use direct booking, as opposed to going through a travel agent. This becomes cheaper since you are dealing directly with the owners, and they can decide on a custom package for you, where you only pay for what you want.


Pay for what you need


When visiting a beach, you can opt for a hotel which does not have a swimming pool, since it would be cheaper than the one with a pool. In this case, you won’t need the pool since you want to swim in the ocean.

If these pointers are followed well, travellers can find themselves within their budget, and with spare coins to spend on other fun activities to make their travel memorable.

Elena is an adventurous travel consultant at who has vastly travelled. She is especially interested in the amazing wonders and sceneries of the world. She guides and makes travel plans for clients depending on their budget and needs. Moreover, she is able to help save costs while still having unrestricted fun.


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