Places to Catch Incredible Views in Tokyo

Ever since I returned from Japan, I find myself constantly dreaming of being back in Tokyo. Words simply cannot express how much fun I had there, how amazing the city is, and how much I want to go back. I do have some plans in the works to go back at some point….so that will be happening.

Anyway, as I sit here daydreaming about Tokyo and all of the wonders that await me there upon my triumphant return, I wanted to write up a little piece about the awesome observation decks in the city that one can visit. I’m a bit of a fan of observation decks, as cheesy as that sounds, and even though it can sometimes be tough to drag my husband to yet another building where we can look out upon a city, it’s always worth it to me in the end.

Anyway, I visited some amazing observation decks when I was there, and I plan on visiting some more the next time I go. If you’re into incredible views as much as I am, you’ll want to put some of these places on your to-do list next time you visit Tokyo.

The Sky Dream Deck in Roppongi Hills

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That's Shinjuku in the background. #Tokyo

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This observation deck is located in the Roppongi neighborhood, right next to the Mori Arts Center. It features incredible panoramic views of the city and both indoor and open air observation decks, both of which were amazing.

Tokyo Tower

This iconic Tokyo sight (the red tower in the background of some of the above photos from the Sky Dream Deck) is an awesome Tokyo landmark and an attraction in it’s own right and features absolutely amazing views of the city.

The Starbucks at Shibuya Crossing

Ok, so I would normally NEVER tell you to visit a Starbucks in another country. I really wouldn’t even advise it in my own country…there are much better coffee shops out there. That being said, the Starbucks at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing has one amazing feature, and that’s an incredible bird’s eye view of the crossing. I may or may not have just walked up there and looked out the window without buying anything. And by may or may not have….I did. I did just that. Did it feel a little rude? Yeah, but it’s Starbucks and they were clearly making a lot of money, and they were so crowded  I doubt they even noticed me, so I didn’t feel too bad. Plus, the view really was spectacular…and free.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

If you’ve seen the movie, Lost in Translation, you’re likely familiar with the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, which is located in the Shinjuku neighborhood. If you’re unfamiliar, allow me to introduce you. The Park Hyatt is a hotel, of course, and rooms there come with incredible views of the city. That being said, if you can’t quite afford to stay at this swanky hotel, you can at least splurge on a couple drinks at their New York Bar, which offers up amazing views of the city.

Tokyo City Hall

Did you know there’s a free observation deck at Tokyo City Hall? This Gothic looking building offers up an awesome, free view of the city…and on a clear day you can even see Mount Fuji! Who says the best things in life aren’t free?


Ok, so this isn’t really an observation deck, but it does offer impressive views of the city, and that’s what we’re all here for, right? Odaiba is an extremely expensive (we’re talking multi-trillion yen) artificial island in the middle of Tokyo Bay. This popular spot is frequented by people on dates, and features many shops, restaurants, and attractions. Go there to stroll around and have a pleasant afternoon with incredible views of Tokyo and Rainbow Bridge (and the statue of liberty, apparently).


If there’s one observation deck I’m sad I missed last time I was in Tokyo, it’s the Skytree. That being said, it would have been difficult to drag my husband to another observation deck, so something to look forward to for the next time I suppose. This iconic Tokyo structure is by far the tallest in all of Japan at 634 meters high (2,080 feet for you imperial system people…myself included in that). Skytree observation deck, I’m coming for you!

Cerulean Tower Bar

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I'm hooked and I can't stop staring

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The Cerulean Tower is a Shibuya skyscraper with a hotel on the top floors. They offer a popular bar located on the 40th floor and is an amazing spot to catch a bird’s eye view of Shibuya Crossing as well as great views of Tokyo in general. They also have live musical performances at this bar. I should warn you that it’s a little pricey, so this spot is for you classy types who aren’t interested in elbowing your way to a good window spot at the Shibuya Crossing Starbucks and would rather enjoy a pricey, leisurely cocktail with a view.

Do you have any favorite spots to catch a view in Tokyo? I would love to hear all about it!


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