Have A Rip-Roaring Adventure In Zimbabwe

I’m excited to announce a contribution from freelance writer and mother of two, Jenny Holt. She loves nothing more than getting away from it and taking her pet Labrador Bruce for long walks, something she can do a lot more now she’s left the corporate world behind. She has written a post for us today about visiting Zimbabwe. I hope you enjoy her article!

If you are planning your next vacation, why not book yourself an unforgettable experience in the realms of Zimbabwe? This landlocked country situated in the Southern Region of the beautiful land of Africa, may not come as a first choice to many possibly because of its volatile political-economic situation in the recent years. However, from a tourists point of view it is hands down labelled as not only spectacular but also one of the friendliest and safest countries to visit in Africa.
Believed to be the location of Ophir, the ancient wealthy region where King Solomon was known to receive luxurious cargoes of gold, ivory and even peacocks, Zimbabwe still offers a gold mine for world travelers to see. While it would be impossible to actually find gold on your visit, Zimbabwe manifests its treasure in more opulent ways.

Mother Nature And its Astounding Miracles

Why not indulge in an exquisite cruise ride along the spectacularly long Zambesi river; home to the spellbinding Victoria Waterfalls, it is termed as one of the Seven Natural Wonder Of The World, and is one to add to your bucket list. Many companies offer a huge range of fun activities at the waterfall. From going whitewater rafting to zip lining over the Zambesi, you may be truly spoilt for choice.

Mana Pools National Park

What would a trip in the wondrous land of Africa be without a visit to one of its National Parks? Those incredibly adventurous wildlife pictures you may have yet just seen on television or admired in magazines can be experienced in one of the most spectacular National Parks in Zimbabwe. The Mana Pools National Park located in the Northern part of the country is a place to book the safari adventure of a lifetime with promises of seeing hippos, crocodiles and even cheetahs and leopards in the wild.

Piece of Authentic African Art

If you want to end your vacation in a more relaxed setting, breathing in African culture, why not head out to the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Situated in the corner of Harare Gardens, it showcases paintings, carvings, sculptures and photography from both local as well as international artists. Attached to the Gallery is a beautiful open air garden where you can sip your coffee and soak in the majestic African heritage.
Whether you choose the adrenaline pumping ziplining over the Zambesi, or a relaxed dinner cruise, Zimbabwe has everything to offer for your next dream vacation.

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