Eating Gluten Free at Hollywood’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter

As I’m sure you’re probably all aware of by now, I’m a big, giant Harry Potter nerd. I previously wrote A Big List of Travel Destinations for Giant Harry Potter Nerds Like Me which you should definitely check out if you’re like me and are looking for some good places to re-live your Hogwarts fantasies.

One of those places, I am so happy to announce, is the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. As a Los Angeles native, I am beyond thrilled to have my very own Harry Potter Land in my hometown. Even though I now live in San Diego, I am more than willing to drive the two hours North to Universal Studios if it means I get to take selfies in front of Hogwarts and down a big glass of butterbeer…because of course I would!


However, as somebody who struggles with dietary issues, there is always an extra layer of complication to any outing I choose to go on. I never let it stop me or hold me back, though.

If you’re like me and you have to eat gluten free, I wanted to share this little guide to dining GF at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood so you can feel at ease as you explore Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.


Butterbeer is gluten free!

Yup, you too can drink the famous butterbeer. The pumpkin juice is also gluten free, as are some other drink options such as pear cider. I warn you though, these drinks are SWEET. I’m talking so much sugar you’ll never need to consume sugar again as long as you live. But if you’re into extreme amounts of sugar, feel free to proceed, my friends.

The Three Broomsticks

When I ate at the Three Broomsticks, they had a lemon herb roast chicken plate on the menu. I asked the staff member if it was gluten free and she said that it was. It was pretty 23434968_10155728852916718_465062892054648157_ngood, too. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of quality as theme park food usually isn’t all that satisfying. According to the Universal Studios dietary guidelines website, here are the foods that are gluten free:

• Spare Ribs Platter served with corn on the cob and
roast potatoes
• Continental Breakfast (request no croissant or scone)
• Roast Chicken Salad
• Beef Sunday Roast (request no Yorkshire pudding)
• Lemon Herb Roast Chicken Platter served with corn on the cob
and roast potatoes

**I should note that they also list other foods on this site such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, peanut free, etc.**

Food elsewhere in the park.

23435274_10155729103006718_4817933556123575171_nThere’s actually a lot of gluten free food available around the park outside of the Wizarding World, so if you’re feeling hungry, you’ve got a lot of options. They have everything from burgers and chicken sandwiches to salads to BBQ and even pasta and tacos, so you’re pretty much covered no matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for. You can see the full selection here.

Dining at Universal Citiwalk.

Just outside of the park is Universal Citiwalk, which has a lot of different restaurants for


you to choose from. It’s a pretty huge list so a full description would be impossible without dining at each and every restaurant, but I will say that most restaurants you’ll find at Citiwalk are chain restaurants. While that might not be the best for unique, interesting dining options, there is a huge variety and in my experience, corporate chain restaurants tend to have a better grasp on their gluten free options than smaller establishments sometimes do. When in doubt, there’s a Blaze Pizza in Citiwalk and I know they have gluten free pizza because I eat at the Blaze Pizza in San Diego often. So there you have it.

Bring your own snacks.

Obviously, this option guarantees you’ll have something you can eat. It’s not that fun, really….but it guarantees you’ll have something to eat. So…yeah. Bring your own snacks. I always do.


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