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Travel Tips for People Who Are Mobility-Challenged

I’m excited to announce a contribution from freelance writer and mother of two, Jenny Holt. She loves nothing more than getting away from it and taking her pet Labrador Bruce for long walks, something she can do a lot more now she’s left the corporate world behind. She has written a post for us today about travel tips for people who are mobility-challenged. I hope you enjoy her article!


Using a wheelchair shouldn’t have to affect a person’s willingness or ability to embrace travel. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities will choose to stay home because of mobility challenges, effectively limiting their own chances to see the world. Chances are, people who are mobility-challenged will think twice about taking a spontaneous trip to a far-off destination.

However, with a little creative thinking and proper preparation, people who use wheelchairs can travel and visit exciting bucket-list locations just the same as anybody else. Depending on where you go, there are scores of outdoor activities everyone can enjoy, like camping or hiking, that are easily accessible. Following these travel tips, wheelchair users and people who are mobility-challenged can arm themselves with the right equipment, preparation and knowledge, making every trip a success.

Think Big, But Not Too Big

If you or someone coming on your trip uses a wheelchair, you probably shouldn’t plan something like a sailing trip across the globe. Starting small and designing an itinerary that includes accessible activities and locations is a much better idea. If you want to visit an outdoor destination, like a campsite in the mountains, try testing yourself at home by exploring your own backyard. You may quickly discover what is comfortable for you and what you will be able to do on your trip; from there, you can plan accordingly.

Do What You Love

While it is always fun to see and experience new things, there is also something to be said about doing what do you love. If you are passionate about photography, travel to a place where you have never taken pictures before. If you enjoy boardwalks at the beach, choose one you’ve never explored. Instead of diving headfirst into an exotic location that’s filled with uncertainties, planning a trip that includes activities and experiences that you already know you’ll enjoy is always bound to be a success.

Be Flexible

Sometimes, even with the right amount of planning and preparation, things on a trip will not go expected. No matter what happens on your trip, it’s important to stay flexible and be able to adapt to any challenge that comes your way. Unexpected obstacles like bad weather will bring anyone down, but you can find ways to still have fun wherever you are. Just because an activity or location says on its website that it is accessible, this may not always be the case once you get there. Keep in mind this fact, and you won’t be as disappointed as if something like this occurs. It may also be a good idea to plan alternative, or “Plan B” activities, for yourself, just in case.

By starting small, doing what you love and staying flexible on your trip, people using wheelchairs can triumph over mobility challenges and travel to a destination that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.


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