The Bateaux Parisiens dinner cruise was totally worth every penny


On my recent trip to France, I really wanted to do one of those fancy dinner cruises on the Seine in Paris that I had heard so much about. On my previous trip to Paris, I was still a college student and didn’t have the extra money to drop on a fancy dinner experience, but since I was older and considerably more financially stable this time around, I figured it was the perfect time to finally book that cruise.

I did a considerable bit of research before I traveled to find out which company had the best reviews, and, importantly for me, was the most gluten-free friendly since I of course have celiac disease and need to eat strictly gluten free. People seemed really happy with Bateaux Parisiens, so I decided to book with them.


They had several different levels you could pay for when reserving your dinner, and the more you paid, the better your spot on the boat was and the more food and wine you would receive. After an intense debate with my inner-cheapskate, I ultimately decided that I’m really not in Paris all that often and if I’m going to do it, I might as well go for the best, sooo…I spent quite a bit of money booking the premium service. I have no regrets.

After my reservation was secure, I emailed the company and referenced my confirmation number and just let them know that I would need to eat gluten free. I was assured that I would have plenty of options for dinner on the boat and that they would make a note on my reservation.


On the day of the journey, we showed up and checked in at the pre-arranged time and place and boarded the boat. We were lead to an incredible seat at the very front of the boat and met by our server, who immediately started pouring us some wine. I reminded him that I needed to eat gluten free and he assured me that he would take good care of me. He then personally went over the menu with me to let me know which items were safe for me to order and which ones could be modified. It turned out quite a bit of the menu was available to me. He also arranged to bring me some gluten free bread so that I could have bread with my meal just like everybody else, which I appreciated.


I had a lovely meal that came out, course by course, with all sorts of delicious, delightful things. It started with asparagus soup and a little cracker made entirely of cheese. This was followed by salad, an appetizer of crab and avocado, my scrumptious main course, a cheese course, and of course dessert. The whole time, the wine and champagne flowed quite freely. We cruised the rive during sunset and watched some of the most beautiful, famous landmarks of Paris go by as we wined and dined. It was an absolutely magical evening and I was beyond delighted the entire time.

It’s not cheap, but if you’re going to be in Paris and you want to shell out for an unforgettable experience, I can’t recommend Bateaux Parisiens any more. They are the best! I can’t wait to cruise with them again next time I’m in Paris.


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  1. We used the same service when we went March 2017. They really do have phenomenal service and it was an experience like no other. Looking at your pictures reminded me of our trip and now I want to go back. 🙂

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  2. Sounds devine. We did a river cruise for lunch last year due to not being able to go on the Eiffel tower and have lunch. Part of our cruise on the Seine. The lunch was ok…I was given gluten free which was good but the food was ok. Yours sounds so much better. Will def look at doing them next time in Paris – might be in a couple of years. Thanks so much for the post.

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