Me in a nutshell: Artist. Traveler. Food Lover (with dietary issues).

Hello, my name is Heather and I am a graphic designer and artist who enjoys traveling, incredible food, and all things adventurous and beautiful in this world. I live with my husband (also an artist) and a stray cat named 'Burrito' that sometimes visits us in San Diego, California (when she feels like it).

I started traveling with my family as a small child, but it was in 2005 on my first trip to Europe that I was “bitten by the travel bug,” as they say. Since then, I’ve spent my life trying to create as many opportunities as possible to explore this beautiful and diverse world we live in. While there is nothing I love more than an amazing trip to some far corner of the globe, I also love things like short weekend getaways, camping trips, and even the discovery of a new local hiking trail. To me, travel is about that feeling of excitement I get when I discover something new and interesting.

I am not one of those travel bloggers who was able to “quit my job and travel full time,” nor am I independently wealthy. I have a full-time job with bills to pay just like everybody else and I have still been able to make travel a large part of my life. That’s what this blog is about. I hope it will serve as an inspiration to all you other desk jockeys out there who, like me, yearn to explore and get the most out of life even though you might not necessarily be in a place to quit your job. I sincerely hope that you do!

The name of this blog, ‘Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat.’ is a literal description of the way I live my life. Since my work involves art, and my other two passions are traveling and eating amazing food, I saw it as a fitting title.

On the subject of eating, I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012 so you'll find writings on gluten free travel tips as well as general tips for those travelers with dietary issues peppered throughout this blog. I'm a firm believer that life doesn't end with dietary restrictions and it's entirely possible to explore this beautiful world of ours even with restrictions. I love food, so you'll find plenty of tips about eating well in this blog!

With that, I hope you enjoy the things that I write. I encourage you to write some things of your own if you feel inspired to do so. I would love to read about some of YOUR adventures!

You can read additional works from Heather Hopkins on her lifestyle and wellness blog at RealLifeVision.com.

Graphic design portfolio at heatherhopkinsart.wordpress.com.

Heather Hopkins

Exploring this world as much as I can. Passionate about life, health, and happiness.

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  1. Hey Hether,

    Your blog is amazing. I share your passion for travel ,and, as a byproduct : food 🙂 But haven’t posted anything on my adventures, yet. I like the way you’ve designed your blog, with care and love! its visually appealing. Great work 🙂

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