Guest Posts & Features

I feel that travel blogging is all about sharing the experience of travel, sharing advice, and generally building a community of like-minded people. I would be more than happy to feature guest posts from other travel bloggers if the post is one of interesting, engaging content that fits the theme of this blog.

General Submission Guidelines:

  • Content must fit the travel theme of this blog. I’m looking for posts on all things travel related. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Stories about travel, including humorous or interesting anecdotes.
    • Travel tips- both for general travel and for specific destinations.
    • Destination travel guides. Are you knowledgeable about a particular location? I would love to receive submissions about your tips and favorite places in that area.
    • Tips on hotels, camping and outdoors, flying, packing lists, etc.
    • Articles about one-of-a-kind travel experiences (see here and here).
    • Other interesting articles that relate to travel in some way.
    • Make sure it fits the theme of the blog if you want to submit a post! I’ve had requests for writing posts about extreme luxury trips (a little luxury isn’t problematic, but neither myself or any of my readers can afford to race Maseratis and eat cake made of gold leaf while traveling).
  • Must be original content that you wrote, not published anywhere else.
  • There is no specific word count, but should flow well and not take too long to read.
  • Any photos you submit must be either your own original photos, or must be free to use under creative commons guidelines. If credit must be given to the photographer, I need the photographer’s name and a link to their photo or website online. Please note that if you do not provide a photo, I will add one that fits the look and feel of the blog, so photos are not required for submission.

*Please note that I will proofread posts before they are published and may make edits if necessary. These edits will not change the content of your post, but will be to correct spelling and grammatical errors. However, I prefer posts without spelling and grammatical errors 🙂

If you would like to write a guest post, please send me either a message with what you would like to write about or a sample of the article itself. Also send me a link to a sample of your writing or your blog link, if applicable. Please note that I do not pay for submissions. I am an individual travel blogger, just like you, who is interested in building and growing a community of travel bloggers. If you have great content you would like to share, I would be happy to promote your blog to my readers.

If your post is chosen for publication:

  • I will link to your blog or website in the post.
  • I will promote your blog post on social media (Facebook, Twitter).

My number 1 rule when it comes to guest posts…

I only offer this to other travel bloggers, not businesses. If you’re a business looking for advertisement, we may be able to come to an arrangement if your product or services might be of use or interest to my readers, but guest posts are only for other people like myself, who love writing about travel and want to get a little more exposure. I’m all about helping out a fellow blogger, but I don’t provide free advertisements or free SEO. Sorry! Had to mention this because my inbox gets literally flooded with requests and I just delete the ones that are obviously looking for free advertisement.

If you’re a business wanting to advertise, go to this page.

Interviews with travelers and travel bloggers.

Additionally, I would love to interview other travel bloggers and travelers and feature them in a post about their travels, their stories, and their advice for others who would like to get out there and explore this awesome world of ours. I love helping other bloggers spread the word about their blogs and I get an interesting feature on my blog for my readers to enjoy as well, so really it’s a great mutual benefit. You can see what the interviews look like here.

If you are interested in having me interview you for a feature, please provide your information in the submission form below. I will take a look at your blog and get a feel for the kind of traveler you are so that I can formulate a set of questions for you that I think my readers might be interested in.

If you are a traveler, but you don’t have a blog of your own, that’s ok too! I’m still interested in interviewing you. I want to know where you’ve traveled to, if you have any interesting stories to tell, and if you have any tips for my readers. If you don’t have a blog of your own for me to look over, please let me know a little about you and your travels in the comments of this submission form.

If I feature you as an “inspiring traveler” for the blog, I will:

  • I will send you a list of questions after looking over your blog (these questions will be about you, your blog, your travels, etc.). When I receive your response, I will write up an article based on this interview. You will have the chance to read over the article and request any edits before I publish it.
  • I will link to your blog or website in the post.
  • I will promote your blog post on social media (Facebook, Twitter).

If you’re interested in teaming up with me, do get in touch! Check out some previous guest posts here.


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