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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Art.Travel.Eat.Repeat.! This blog is geared towards travelers of all ages who are inspired to live their lives to the fullest and follow their travel dreams and passions. The blog has a special emphasis on inspiring people to make their travel dreams happen, helpful travel tips and information, and a special section for gluten free travelers. My readers are interested in travel all over the world at all price points, from extreme budget travel to luxurious getaways.

I offer banner ads and sponsored posts (which are priced by the month) and will include a disclosure that it is a sponsored post. For more information and to discuss rates, feel free to contact me at heatherreneehopkins(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject: Advertising.

My rules for sponsored posts and banner ads…

I don’t mean to be the grumpy Gus or anything, but as I’ve been running this blog for a while now, I’ve received a lot of requests from companies either wanting to do a “guest post” (a.k.a. free advertisement) or to have me do things for them without payment, or a myriad of other tactics I find to be distasteful. So, I’ve revised my rules. If you want to advertise with me, read these rules. I delete requests when it’s clear you’re not respecting my rules.

  • You must tell me what your business is and what you are advertising ahead of time in order for me to agree to a sponsored post. I will check your business out and will only go forward with the post if I feel your business is actually of interest/benefit to my readers (i.e. it’s Travel related in some way and is a legitimate business, not nefarious, etc.). I can’t believe I even have to add this disclaimer to the site, but I’ve actually had requests from people for sponsored posts and they refused to tell me what the company is that wants to do a post on my site. Sorry, but that seems shady. Just tell me what your business is about and what you want to advertise. Send me a link to your site or social media. Shady companies can’t advertise on this site and if you won’t tell me what you want me to promote, I won’t promote it.
  • I reserve the right to reject sponsored posts and banner ads. If your company or product is offensive, or just not at all relevant to my readers, I will say no to your request to advertise with me. Integrity is important to me. Yes, I want to make money off this blog, but I’m a full time professional graphic designer and I don’t need to make money off of this blog, so I’m going to be discerning when it comes to this sort of thing.
  • Once we’ve agreed on a sponsored post or banner ad, I will not post it until I have received payment. Once payment is received, I will post to the site. I’ve had companies want me to post things before they pay me. The way I see it, advertising on this blog is like any other service. You pay for something and then the product is delivered. won’t send you a shipment on the promise of cash delivered later, and neither will I.
  • If we’re doing a sponsored post, I will write that it’s a sponsored post at the top of the post in an introduction (intro will just say it’s a sponsored post and link to your company). I’m not going to lie to my readers. Sponsored posts aren’t a bad thing, but I feel that I have an obligation to let people know when I’m being paid to do something vs. if it’s just a guest post. Please don’t ask me to do otherwise.
  • I’ve said it elsewhere on this page and the guest post page, but guest posts are only open and available to other travel bloggers and not to businesses trying to promote their products and services. I offer guest posts as a way to build a community of travel bloggers and help out other bloggers with a little traffic to their site, but if you’re wanting to advertise, you’ll need to do a sponsored post. I check out the blogs of guest posters, so please don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes and request a “guest post”. I’ll know. If you somehow manage to trick me and your “guest post” ends up on the site and I find out your intentions weren’t honorable (which actually did happen to me a while back), I’ll delete the post immediately.

What it boils down to is be cool. Be honorable. Don’t try to take advantage of me. I’m not desperate for your money and I will be discerning. I care about the integrity of this site and I won’t compromise that integrity to make a quick buck. I welcome advertisers on the site as long as you’re legitimate, related to the blog in some way, and most of all…honorable.

Featured Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger who would like to be featured on the ‘Featured Bloggers’ sidebar, feel free to contact me at heatherreneehopkins(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject: Featured Blogger and I will be happy to discuss options with you. I have paid options if you want a banner ad, but I’m also open to a little promotional exchange, so let’s talk. 🙂


If you are looking for an awesome way to promote your restaurant, tour company, destination, hotel, activity, etc. you may want to consider a partnership or a press trip with Art.Travel.Eat.Repeat. I will publish a blog post detailing my review on my experience and will promote it on my site as well as on my social media channels. I will include a disclosure on the post that this was a sponsored trip. For more information and to discuss rates, feel free to contact me at heatherreneehopkins(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject: Partnerships.

Guest Posts and Interviews

Interested in contributing a guest post or being featured as an Inspiring Traveler on the site? Check out the Guest Post page for more information. This option is only open to independent travel bloggers and not to companies and organizations looking to promote their products and services. I do not charge for this and I offer this option to not only help my fellow travel bloggers gain a little more exposure for their blog, but also to gain interesting insights from another person’s perspective for my blog. This is a mutual benefit for both of us. Companies and organizations can contact me about advertising through banner ads and sponsored posts.

Design Services

In addition to writing Art.Travel.Eat.Repeat., I am also a working graphic designer. Check out my portfolio site for samples of my work and information on services offered. I am available to hire either directly (via email and Paypal) or you can visit my freelancer profile on Upwork.

Exclusive! Design Services for Travel Bloggers.

I am offering design services for travel bloggers at lower rates than I would normally offer my freelance clients. I understand there is a need out there for design in the travel blogger community, but I also understand better than most that money can be a bit tight in this community. I’m here to help! I am offering the following services:

  • Logo Design
  • Blog header images (such as where you see the title ‘Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat.’ on this blog, above.
  • Social media header images (such as Facebook cover photos, Twitter header images, etc.)
  • Pinterest “pinnable” images (usually an image with the title of the article you are linking back to).
  • Business cards.
  • Flyers and Postcards
  • Banner ad images (I also offer banner ad space on this blog).
  • More!

If you are interested in discussing your design needs with me, please write me an email at HeatherReneeHopkins(at)Gmail(dot)com and we can discuss your design needs. Rates will vary depending on what you would like me to set up for you, and there are discounts available when multiple items are being set up. Email me for more details!