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There is an Extinct Volcano in Carlsbad, California…and You Can Hike to the Top!

Attention, San Diego area locals and visitors: there is a volcano in our midst! Yes, I said that right. There’s a volcano in our midst! (I had to repeat myself for dramatic effect). Nestled in the relatively sleepy seaside town of Carlsbad (a.k.a. home) is the Calavera Nature Preserve, where one can go on a leisurely afternoon hike past a tiny lake and to an extinct volcano! Who ever said there’s nothing cool in the suburbs?

How to Dress Like a Local in San Diego

So…you’re coming to San Diego and you don’t want to stick out as a tourist? Luckily for you, that’s not hard to do here. We San Diegans are a pretty casual bunch and in most cases, anything goes. It’s also perfectly fine to look like a tourist. Nobody is actually angry at you for visiting our fine city, so by all means, do what makes you happy and wear what makes you comfortable!

Here and Now: Cardiff-by-the-sea, California

For those of you who follow along with my blog, you’ll know that when I’m not traveling, I live and work in the San Diego, California area. I would like to take this opportunity to mention just how fortunate I am to call such a beautiful, fun place home. As much as I love being on the road and discovering the unknown, it always softens the blow of returning after an adventure when home is somewhere other people choose to take their vacations. Could be worse!