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There is an Extinct Volcano in Carlsbad, California…and You Can Hike to the Top!

Attention, San Diego area locals and visitors: there is a volcano in our midst! Yes, I said that right. There’s a volcano in our midst! (I had to repeat myself for dramatic effect). Nestled in the relatively sleepy seaside town of Carlsbad (a.k.a. home) is the Calavera Nature Preserve, where one can go on a leisurely afternoon hike past a tiny lake and to an extinct volcano! Who ever said there’s nothing cool in the suburbs?

Get Cultured in Los Angeles!

A fair warning: I’m going to pick on New Yorkers a bit in this post. I do it all with love and good humor, I promise. You’re tough, you can take it.

New York City and Los Angeles have long been in a sort of friendly battle over which city is better. Residents of both have their reasons for why their city is the best, and both have really compelling arguments. Honestly, both cities are awesome and have many things going for them. This post isn’t about inciting a New York vs. Los Angeles battle, because I know how heated those can get! Besides, having grown up in L.A., I’m more than a little biased on the subject. (Still, if you feel like making an argument for your side in the comments, I welcome a friendly debate).

How to Dress Like a Local in San Diego

So…you’re coming to San Diego and you don’t want to stick out as a tourist? Luckily for you, that’s not hard to do here. We San Diegans are a pretty casual bunch and in most cases, anything goes. It’s also perfectly fine to look like a tourist. Nobody is actually angry at you for visiting our fine city, so by all means, do what makes you happy and wear what makes you comfortable!

5 Great Places to Eat in Los Angeles

If there is one thing I can say about Los Angeles, it is that there is no shortage of amazing food to be had. It is, in my humble opinion, one of the best cities in the world for people who love to eat. Since I both love to eat and love to travel, I feel I’m somewhat of an authority on whether or not a place if a “food mecca”. I’m telling you, L.A. is it. From the humble yet innovative food trucks roaming the streets all the way to the finest of fine dining, I could write a 300 page essay on all the good places to eat in L.A. and still only really scratch the surface. As I’m often in L.A., I’m sure I’ll write more “awesome places to eat in L.A.” articles in this blog over time, because honestly, there is no shortage of those. That being said, I wanted to point out a few of my favorite spots in the City of Angels. These are places that I find myself returning to again and again because I just can’t get enough.

Exploring Laguna Beach, California

I spent five years living and attending college in Laguna Beach, California, so it would be a shame if I didn’t write up a post on my favorite Laguna Beach experiences. Laguna is a small beach town that packs a lot of fun into a small area. I can only describe the community as part art colony, part hippie haven, and part fancy rich person playground. It is a town of gorgeous ocean cliffs, of galleries galore, hiking trails, and delicious food. If you’re planning on visiting Laguna Beach, here are a few of my favorite things:

4 Essential (Cheap!) Things to Eat in L.A.

If you’re going to be visiting Los Angeles, you’re in for a treat for your taste buds. This city is one of the world’s great cities for food. It is an incredibly diverse place where you can eat literally anything you might be craving. We have immigrants from every corner of the globe in this city and they have brought with them their recipes and opened amazing eateries all over the city. We also have innovative chefs, gastropubs, fine dining establishments, and every kind of fusion restaurant imaginable. If you’re a foodie, landing in Los Angeles is like landing in food heaven.