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Art Travel Eat Repeat’s Guide to Vancouver

I love Vancouver! I’d like to compile a list of places and tips for getting around based on my experiences in Canada in case any of you are planning on your own Vancouver adventure!


Top 10 Cycling Destinations

Today’s post is brought to you by Mike from, a blog for cyclists that includes everything from information on gear, training tips, information on bikes, and of course, traveling as a cyclist. It’s a great blog and it definitely makes me want to dust off my neglected road bike and hit the road, so if you’re interested in cycling you should definitely check it out! Today’s post is a list of Mike’s top ten cycling destinations around the world. Read on for more!

Wanderlust Wednesday: Victoria, Canada

It’s another Wanderlust Wednesday, and this week my sights are turned North to the beautiful city of Victoria, Canada. I nearly had the opportunity to visit Victoria back in August when I toured Seattle and Vancouver, but I just didn’t have the time to make it to Victoria while I was there. Bummer, but I’ll definitely get there someday. My parents are planning on retiring in Northern Washington, so I’ll be looking forward to taking the ferry to Victoria from their house when I go to visit. In the meantime, I can just daydream a little bit about this beautiful Canadian city and look forward to the day when I get to explore it for myself.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a beautiful, impressive, famous waterfall which is located on the border between the United States and Canada. On the U.S. side, it’s just outside Buffalo, New York, and on the Canadian side, it’s not terribly far from Toronto. I’ve always wanted to visit this natural wonder, and it would be great to combine a visit to the Falls with a tour of the region on both sides of the border. This Wanderlust Wednesday, let’s explore what a possible U.S.-Canada journey centering around Niagara Falls might look like.

French Lessons: Useful Phrases for the French Speaking World

So, you’re traveling to the French speaking world? Perhaps it’s a lovely romp through Paris, the city of light, you’ve got in mind? Or perhaps you’re headed towards the beautiful Canadian city of Montreal? Perhaps you’re even planning on a wonderful week in the gorgeous, French speaking Caribbean island of Saint-Martin?

Honestly, you’re not going to have any problems getting around as an English speaker in these places, but I say half the fun of traveling somewhere that they speak a different language is getting to put a little bit of that language into practice!

Wanderlust Wednesday: The West Coast Road Trip

I’ve lived in California all my life, and I’ve certainly visited destinations up the West Coast of the United States, from San Diego all the way up to Canada. I’ve even taken road trips to San Francisco and other Northern California destinations in the past. What I haven’t done, however, is the iconic West Coast road trip that I’ve heard so much about, and the focus of this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday.

Pacific Northwest Adventure, Part 9: The long journey home.

Our last day in the Pacific Northwest was an extremely long and exhausting day. We woke up and began packing and cleaning up our Airbnb to ready ourselves for checkout. Once that was completed, we decided to head into Gastown one last time for some lunch since it was going to be a long drive back to Seattle.

We found an inexpensive and delicious little sushi restaurant where we ordered a few items. Turns out the portion sizes at this sushi restaurant were enormous, however, because we ended up with way more food than we could possibly hope to consume. We did our best, hahaha.

Pacific Northwest Adventure, Part 8: Kitsilano Beach Park and Squamish

We were pretty tired when we woke up on our last full day in Canada, but we wanted to get the most out of the day so we started out by driving over to Kitsilano Beach Park to have a leisurely drink at a restaurant bar with beautiful views of the beach. Norwood had a beer and I slowly sipped on a really deliciously refreshing cider while we both enjoyed views of the beachgoers, the ships out on the water, and the surrounding scenery.

It was a beautiful, warm day as we had been experiencing our entire time in the Pacific Northwest so the locals were out in droves, enjoying their time in the sun.