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Wanderlust Wednesday: Belize

A few years ago, my parents went to Belize. I was supposed to go with them but through a combination of unfortunate circumstances, I wasn’t able to go…and I was devastated. However, looking at their photos and hearing about what a wonderful time they had really fueled my wanderlust for the small Central American country, and I’m still bound and determined to make it there someday. If you’re unfamiliar with the beauty of this amazing little country, allow me to introduce you to Belize, the topic of this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday.


Wanderlust Wednesday: Costa Rica

I haven’t yet been to Costa Rica, but it’s extremely high on my list of places to go, and with travel prices from the continental United States not being too high, I honestly don’t really know what my excuse is for not having been there yet. You can be assured I will be changing that fact in the near future.