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Wanderlust Wednesday: Iran

Iran gets a bit of a bad rep, but I know a few people who are originally from Iran and they are some of the warmest, loveliest people I’ve ever met. From all accounts of travelers who have actually been to Iran, they found the locals to be friendly and welcoming (yes, even to Americans like myself), and interested and happy to have visitors. The thing is…Iran is actually a pretty cool place with a lot of things to see and do, amazing food, and a rich cultural heritage. Despite the things the news loves to say, I think it’s worth a visit.


Wanderlust Wednesday: Dubai

It’s another Wanderlust Wednesday, and today I’m dreaming about Dubai. I’ve been wanting to add the Middle East to my travel repertoire for quite some time now, and I’ve heard some really good things about Dubai.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Jordan

It’s another Wanderlust Wednesday and today I’m dreaming about the far off Middle Eastern country of Jordan. Ever since I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I’ve been enthralled with Petra, one of the new wonders of the world. The ancient city of Petra is an absolutely awe inspiring ancient city that will leave you in awe. It is definitely in my life plans to go there someday.

The Top 10 Luxury Activities in Dubai (If You’re a Billionaire).

I’m pleased to announce another guest post on ArtTravelEatRepeat. Today’s guest post is brought to you by Sagar from and explores some of the top experiences in Dubai that most of us probably can’t afford. We can daydream though, right? I often talk about budget travel tips on this site, so it’s kind of fun to take a look at things from the other side once in a while and peek into a world where everything is experienced over the top. As for me…I’ll be lucky if I ever fly anything other than economy class and “splurging on a hotel” means staying somewhere other than somebody’s basement I found on Airbnb.

With that, I bring you the top 10 luxury activities to do in Dubai…if you can afford it (which I can’t).