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Artistic Inspiration: Mike Barr’s Beautiful Australian Cityscapes

I love featuring artists from around the world on this blog who do beautiful works that inspire me to travel. Today, as I was looking around online as I usually do, I discovered an awesome artist by the name of Mike Barr. His specialty is beautiful cityscapes of Australia in the rain (as well as some non-rain landscapes and paintings as well) in the impressionist style. What could be more lovely? As both an art lover (and a huge fan of impressionism) and a travel lover, I can’t stop looking at these beautiful paintings and imagining myself in the scene. I had such an amazing time in Australia and these paintings are definitely making me want to go back for another visit. Check out some of his beautiful work.


Music That Will Inspire You to Travel

A while back, I did a post on Country music that will improve your summer, but if you’re just not that into Country music, you might be in the mood for a little travel inspiration, too! So, I decided to bring you a second post with even more inspiring travel music, this time with no Country songs…I promise.

Reasons to Travel

Look…I get it. Life is tough. It’s complicated. Travel can be expensive. You’ve got other priorities. I totally understand all of the reasons you may not be making travel a priority in your life. When faced with a mountain of bills and responsibilities, it can seem frivolous and luxurious. I understand, I really do. But the thing is, no matter how many reasons you have NOT to travel, there are also a lot of reasons why you should absolutely make travel a priority in your life. I’m not talking top priority. Obviously you need to feed yourself, take care of your kids (if you have kids), pay off bills, etc. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be responsible, but I am saying you should travel if there’s any way you can. Here are some reasons why….

8 Incredible Trips to Take in Your Lifetime

There are so many amazing places on this beautiful planet of ours that it would be impossible for one person to see them all, but don’t despair…the quest to see as many as possible is what makes life fun! If you’re looking for somewhere incredible to go on your next journey, why not try out one of these absolutely awesome places?

When Life Gets You Down….

This is, primarily, a travel blog, but I like to write about general life happiness and wellness also because the fact of the matter is that most of us can’t live our lives in a bubble where we float from one fabulous location to the next. We can’t all satiate our wanderlust at all moments, and there are days, weeks, or even months at a time where life can feel like a mundane, dreary routine of monotony.

Inspiring Travel Movie: Joe Versus the Volcano

Life inspiration can come from many places, and movies are no exception. I was thinking today about the movie Joe Versus the Volcano, which stars a young Tom Hanks and came out in 1990. Due to the age of the movie as well as the fact that it was made in a stylistic, offbeat style, the film is a little…odd. However, I’ve always loved it and considered it among my favorites. The reason for that coveted spot on my list of favorite movies is because Joe Versus the Volcano may be a really (really) cheesy movie, but it also explores themes that so many of us are familiar with…that feeling of being stuck in a tough situation that we aren’t necessarily happy with. Joe is given a strange and unique opportunity to live life to the fullest, if even just for a little while.