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This Culver City Airbnb was Great!

When I stay in a great Airbnb, I like to let others know so they can also benefit from the experience. 🙂

If you’re planning on visiting Los Angeles in the near future and you’re not quite sure where to stay, I have a suggestion! This Culver City Airbnb was delightful!


How to Book an Airbnb You’ll be Happy With

I love Airbnb and actually prefer them to hotels for a myriad of reasons (cheaper! kitchens and washing machines!), but I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from people about Airbnb’s being canceled on them at the last minute, awful experiences with the hosts or with the place itself, etc. I’ve never had anything but lovely experiences through the site, however, and I attribute that to the set of rules I live by when it comes to renting Airbnb properties.

Spending A Weekend In The Perfect Tadoba Accommodation

Hello, everybody! I’m happy to announce a guest post today from Bill Williams. Bill is a writer who would like to share with us some tips for visiting Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India. Before Bill contacted me, I hadn’t actually heard of Tadoba National Park, so I was delighted to learn a little more about this unique place in the world and would love to visit someday!

Too old to stay at a hostel?

When somebody utters the word “hostel,” it’s likely that images of un-showered, partying 20-something backpackers is what comes to mind. Perhaps you even have memories of such places from your youth, when you spent three months backpacking around Europe, sleeping in a large room with other backpackers, and spending your evenings downing shots of vodka.

Travel Hacking 101 – Part 2: Hotels

When I last left you, we had been hearing from Mark from 365 Travel Dates, who has graciously agreed to educate us all on travel hacking strategies. Part 1 focused on strategies for saving on flights. In part 2, we’ll explore strategies for travel hacking to save on hotels. Thanks again for teaching us all, Mark!