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Spending A Weekend In The Perfect Tadoba Accommodation

Hello, everybody! I’m happy to announce a guest post today from Bill Williams. Bill is a writer who would like to share with us some tips for visiting Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India. Before Bill contacted me, I hadn’t actually heard of Tadoba National Park, so I was delighted to learn a little more about this unique place in the world and would love to visit someday!

Too old to stay at a hostel?

When somebody utters the word “hostel,” it’s likely that images of un-showered, partying 20-something backpackers is what comes to mind. Perhaps you even have memories of such places from your youth, when you spent three months backpacking around Europe, sleeping in a large room with other backpackers, and spending your evenings downing shots of vodka.

Travel Hacking 101 – Part 2: Hotels

When I last left you, we had been hearing from Mark from 365 Travel Dates, who has graciously agreed to educate us all on travel hacking strategies. Part 1 focused on strategies for saving on flights. In part 2, we’ll explore strategies for travel hacking to save on hotels. Thanks again for teaching us all, Mark!