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You Can Create Art and Travel While Doing Your Day Job

I’m excited to announce a contribution from freelance writer and mother of two, Jenny Holt. She loves nothing more than getting away from it and taking her pet Labrador Bruce for long walks, something she can do a lot more now she’s left the corporate world behind. She has written a post for us today about some tips for traveling while working at the same time. If you’re interested in becoming a digital nomad, you may be interested in these tips. I hope you enjoy her article!


More Travel Jobs!

I’ve talked about travel jobs in this blog before, but as it’s a subject I know a lot of people are interested in, I decided to revisit the topic in order to provide information to those of you who might have itchy feet and a need to work.

How to change your career to allow for more travel: Part 2.

Ok, so last time I told you a little about my story and the steps I took (and continue to take) in order to achieve a lifestyle that allows me the flexibility to travel. This time, I’m going to talk a little more about what kinds of career options are out there for those of you who can’t just drop everything and start traveling. We don’t all have trust funds, so it takes a certain amount of hard work and dedication to craft the life of our dreams, but I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible. With that, let’s get into some career options!

How to change your career to allow for more travel: Part 1.

Take a moment to look at what is limiting you from achieving your travel dreams. Those reasons will be different for everybody depending on their personal situation, but I would be willing to bet that there is a significant amount of fear involved. Making a significant life change comes with a lot of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown and the possibility of negative consequences can be a powerful thing.

Career Options for Digital Nomads.

So…you want to be a digital nomad? There is no time like the present to start taking steps towards achieving your dreams!

If you’re sitting here scratching your head and saying, digital whaaaaat?, a digital nomad is a person who has taken their careers completely online so they can work from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection.

Ok, so maybe that beautiful beach in the photo above isn’t likely to have an internet connection (in fact, I know it doesn’t, because I took that photo in Australia and it was a pretty remote place that involved a drive down a long dirt road to get to).

Still, if you have an internet connection and the right career, you can travel without having to quit your job. Pretty cool, right?

Too old for a working holiday visa? There’s still hope!

I am sad to say that I’m too old for a working holiday visa. (If you’re under 30, however, read this.) The worst part about the whole thing is that I wasn’t even aware that working holiday visas existed until I was over the age of 30! Imagine my excitement, and then the immediate crushing of dreams that occurred when I learned that working holiday visas existed (hooray!), and then immediately learned that you have to be under 30 to take advantage of them (wait….WHAT?!?!). I seriously went through the five stages of grief on this one.

Summer job in Alaska? Yes please!

Ok, so it’s not summertime at the moment, but I wanted to put this out there for you now so you’ll have plenty of time to think about it and get prepared before Summer arrives. I just found out that the state of Alaska recruits tons of people to come work seasonally every summer in their tourism and commercial fishing industries. There aren’t usually enough Alaskans to fill all the positions, so those of us from the lower 48 (and Hawaii) are in luck!

Travel Jobs!

If you’re like me, you’ve most likely spent a significant amount of time sitting around with your head in the clouds daydreaming about a life where you get to travel more…and get paid for it! These kinds of jobs do exist, so if you’re looking for a change in career, you might consider one of these options.