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Staying healthy and fit while on the road can be a challenge. I’ve compiled these tips to help!

On Losing Weight in Japan

So clearly, they were doing something right over there. It got me to thinking about just what it is about Japanese culture that pushes the members of their society into healthy habits, so I wanted to write about it. Of course, these are just my observations from two weeks in Japan as well as some reading I did online. I can’t claim to be an expert on all things Japanese, but I did want to write about my observations.


Getting Fit and Traveling at the Same Time

Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to work on your fitness and travel at the same time. I think there’s a perception, particularly here in the United States, that travel = weight gain, not weight loss. I think this stems from the fact that most people I know tend to cut loose, lounge around by a pool, get drunk, and eat at the buffet when they take vacations. It’s true that an all-inclusive resort or cruise with unlimited food and drink options with ample lounging time sounds like a good time to many people (myself included, really), but there’s another way!

When Life Gets You Down….

This is, primarily, a travel blog, but I like to write about general life happiness and wellness also because the fact of the matter is that most of us can’t live our lives in a bubble where we float from one fabulous location to the next. We can’t all satiate our wanderlust at all moments, and there are days, weeks, or even months at a time where life can feel like a mundane, dreary routine of monotony.

How to Avoid Stomach Troubles While Traveling

We’ve all been there….we travel to some beautiful destination…we’re having a fabulous time, and then BAM! Stomach issues.

It’s happened to me, for sure! That’s why I wanted to take a little time today to talk about some strategies you can use while traveling to make sure your travels aren’t derailed by digestive issues. This isn’t to say I guarantee 100% you won’t have issues, but I do promise that if you follow these tips, you’ll greatly reduce your chances.

Top 10 Cycling Destinations

Today’s post is brought to you by Mike from, a blog for cyclists that includes everything from information on gear, training tips, information on bikes, and of course, traveling as a cyclist. It’s a great blog and it definitely makes me want to dust off my neglected road bike and hit the road, so if you’re interested in cycling you should definitely check it out! Today’s post is a list of Mike’s top ten cycling destinations around the world. Read on for more!

How to Get Through Being Exhausted While Traveling

This advice could work for anybody who hasn’t slept for any reason, but since travel often involves being awake for long hours, enduring sleepless nights, and staying up way (way) past our bedtimes as we cross time zones and hemispheres, I’d say there’s a fair amount of exhaustion we travelers have to deal with. Here are my tips for getting yourself back on track after losing out on rest.

Traveling to the United States? What to do if you get sick while you’re here…

In addition to writing this travel blog, I also read a lot of other people’s blogs and there is one thing I’ve noticed from the blog posts of some of the international blogs I follow…information on medical issues while traveling in the United States. To be fair, anybody traveling anywhere wants to know the medical situation in their destination country, and it can be tricky and varied. Certain countries allow in some medications, while the same medications are strictly prohibited in other countries. In some countries, medical care is easy to access and affordable, and in others it’s prohibitively expensive. It’s really hard to know what you’re facing without doing your research first, but since I know I do have some international readers on here and I do sincerely hope you all come visit my country should you get the chance, I thought I would write up a few tips and some general information for you to help you prepare for your trip here.