Why didn’t you just fly first class?

It’s not that these people have more money than I do that’s the problem, but instead the attitude they have about it and the utter lack of understanding for the fact that not everybody has the luxury to just spend money like crazy whenever they feel like it.


Is it OK to Recline Your Airline Seat?

There has long been a debate as to whether or not it’s cool to recline your seat on a plane. It seems to be quite the divisive issue, with people either extremely pro-recline or extremely anti-recline. There are good arguments on both sides as well. Anti-recliners cite shrinking leg room and how horrible it can be for a tall person when the guy in front of them reclines his seat, effectively trapping them in their sardine can-like enclosure. Pro-recliners cite how uncomfortable the seats are and that not reclining them gives them neck and back pain. These are both very compelling arguments and I honestly don’t think we’re ever going to come to a mutual agreement on the issue. Ultimately, I think the blame for this debate lies with the airlines themselves, who are shrinking our leg room more and more by the day, it seems.

On Learning Another Language While Traveling

If you’ve traveled internationally, chances are you’ve encountered some language barriers from time to time. While some might find this to be frustrating, I find that I love the challenge of a language barrier. It’s one of the most exciting parts of travel. Of course, being an English speaker, I often find that my efforts to study up on a little bit of the local language before I travel are usually wasted as it seems every time I open my mouth and proudly announce, “Un verre de vin rouge, s’il vous plaît,” I am often answered with, “Certainly, Madame. I will be right back with your glass of red wine”. This is usually when my face drops and I become disappointed that I won’t get the opportunity to practice my French.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Perth, Australia

Australia is a big place, and when most of us visit, we end up sticking to places like Tropical North Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. If we’re lucky, we’ll have a little time to explore Tasmania or even down to Adelaide. However, there’s another awesome place in Australia and that is the city of Perth.

Too old to stay at a hostel?

When somebody utters the word “hostel,” it’s likely that images of un-showered, partying 20-something backpackers is what comes to mind. Perhaps you even have memories of such places from your youth, when you spent three months backpacking around Europe, sleeping in a large room with other backpackers, and spending your evenings downing shots of vodka.

American Tourists in the 1970s- In Photos

I recently discovered the photography of Roger Minick, who went on a road trip around the Western United States with his wife in the late 1970s and took pictures of sightseers along the way. He is well known for his series in which he documented tourists in the National Parks around the United States and his photographs have been featured in exhibits around the world and have published in many different books. These photos do a lovely job of demonstrating the tourist fashions du jour of the period, and I would love to share a few of my favorites with you here!

The Grand Canyon Really Does Live Up To The Hype

There is no photo that will do justice to the Grand Canyon as it is more vast and more incredible than I think a photo can really capture. It’s almost surreal, like a place somebody made up for a matte painting to be used in a sci-fi movie. I highly recommend you take the opportunity to go and see it at least once in your lifetime, because there really is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Ugh, Politics.

This isn’t a blog about politics, but I did want to talk about politics a little bit. When you’re from a country that is under such a spotlight on the world stage, as I am, seemingly everybody in the world has opinions on my country’s politics.

Inspirational Travel Quotes

Need some travel inspiration? Sometimes it’s as simple as reading inspirational travel quotes. Next time you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, write down one of these quotes and post it somewhere you’ll see it. Use it to help fuel you to work towards your next travel destination. For me, they are sort of little mantras that I live my life by and they help me tremendously in my day to day life. Hopefully they will help you, too. Here are some of my favorites: