On travel companions…

I’ve done a lot of traveling in my life and I hope to do a lot more traveling before it’s all said and done. As such, I’ve really come to appreciate how much of a difference it makes to have good travel companions. It can really make the difference between an amazing trip and a disastrous trip. If you’re not sure whether or not somebody will make a good travel companion for you, there are some things you should consider…


Wanderlust Wednesday: Morocco

It’s Wanderlust Wednesday again, and today I’m going to take you to the beautiful, exotic country of Morocco. This North African country which borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea, has long been a unique destination to delight the senses.

Going Parasailing for the First Time (and I’m Afraid of Heights)

I was having a lovely weekend getaway on the Florida Gulf Coast when it was suggested to me by a friend that we should go parasailing.

Perhaps it was the fact that I was a bit sleep deprived, but when she mentioned parasailing, the picture that popped into my head was that of wind surfing. Don’t ask me why. It’s just one of those things where your foggy mind pictures one thing when really everybody else is talking about something completely different.

Inspiring Traveler Interview- Janae from skiddinginbroadside.com

I have the pleasure of bringing you a really special interview for today’s post. I would like to introduce Janae, who lives and works at the McMurdo Station, a United States Antarctic research center. I’ve asked her a series of questions about what it’s like to live and work at the bottom of the world and she has shared some awesome insights. You can read all about her adventures at skiddinginbroadside.com

Old travel Series: Bruges (Europe, Part 9)

Our next day in Belgium was a free day for the most part. Norwood and I didn’t get up as early as we probably should have, but we did make it downstairs in time for breakfast, so that’s good. It was the usual hot tea and breads with cheeses for me, but only this time they had croissants, which made the breakfast even better. After breakfast, we went upstairs to finish getting ready for the day and then we were out on the town.

Old Travel Series: Antwerp and Bruges (Europe, Part 8)

The next morning, we had to get up quite early to catch a bus into Belgium. It was a huge, bright yellow bus, which hardly could make it through the tiny streets of Haarlem. The bus ride was long, but we entertained ourselves by looking at the amazing views of the countryside, filled with picturesque windmills and lots and lots of cows. Not that I find cows to be terribly interesting, but I figured that writing about it would help me to visualize it when I read back on this journal in the future.

Old Travel Series: A Free Day in Holland (Europe, Part 7)

Our last day in Holland was a free day. Norwood and I had planned to take the train back to Amsterdam for some shopping, but there was a train strike in Amsterdam so we decided to stay in Haarlem instead. We had quite a relaxing day. We shopped on the main streets of Haarlem and bought some cool stuff. Norwood got a great pair of really cool shoes without laces like he had been looking for. We both got some great Holland cheeses to take home to our families, and the guy at the cheese shop vacuum sealed them for us so they would ship well.