Pacific Northwest Adventure, Part 8: Kitsilano Beach Park and Squamish

We were pretty tired when we woke up on our last full day in Canada, but we wanted to get the most out of the day so we started out by driving over to Kitsilano Beach Park to have a leisurely drink at a restaurant bar with beautiful views of the beach. Norwood had a beer and I slowly sipped on a really deliciously refreshing cider while we both enjoyed views of the beachgoers, the ships out on the water, and the surrounding scenery.

It was a beautiful, warm day as we had been experiencing our entire time in the Pacific Northwest so the locals were out in droves, enjoying their time in the sun.


Pacific Northwest Adventure, Part 7: Granville Island, Stanley Park, & Downtown.

The next day of our Vancouver adventure took us first to Granville Island. We started out parking in the area next to Science World and took a boat ferry over to Granville Island. We purchased a day pass to the boat ferries so we could explore for the whole day. The ferry operator gave us a little of the recent history of the area and how the city has grown quite a bit since the Vancouver olympics took place. He pointed out points of interest, recent architectural developments, where the olympic village had been, and told us stories of people who had found great success in the city due to the Vancouver olympics.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Croatia

It’s another Wanderlust Wednesday and today I’m daydreaming about the beautiful country of Croatia. If Croatia hasn’t really been on your radar until now, it should be. Are you into amazing swimming and snorkeling, dramatic natural beauty, historical sites everywhere, gorgeous architecture, and amazing food and wine? Perhaps Croatia should be your next travel destination.

Pacific Northwest Adventure, Part 5: Arrival in Canada

Canada was amazing.

We woke up on our last day in Seattle, packed, and cleaned up the Airbnb before hitting the road North. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle to Vancouver if the traffic and border crossing time is good, which it fortunately was for us.

Before crossing the border, we stopped in the little seaside town of Bellingham for some coffee, lunch, and most importantly, taking screenshots of the driving directions to our Vancouver Airbnb before we crossed over the border and our phones ceased to work.

Yee Haw! Country Songs That Will Improve Your Summer

Country music…you either love it or you hate it, I’ve found. If you’re from the “or you hate it” group, perhaps this post isn’t for you. I, however, tend to enjoy a lot of country music as I love the twangy beats and songs yearning for a simpler life.

If you, like myself, have a soft spot for country music, perhaps these tunes will help you sit back and unwind, imagining yourself on summer vacation in some beautiful location. These songs are about enjoying life…so enjoy them!