Old travel Series: Rotterdam (Europe, Part 6)

So yeah….ummm today we woke up early to go catch the train to Rotterdam. It was a cool city, but very modern and reminded me more of Los Angeles than anywhere else, which wasn’t that exciting for me. What was exciting, however, was the huge Salvador Dali exhibit at the Boijams Museum today.


Wanderlust Wednesday: New Zealand

It’s Wanderlust Wednesday again, and today we’re transported to the South Pacific nation of New Zealand. This destination has long been high on my list of places to see (I’ll get there someday, I will!).

Old travel Series: Amsterdam (Europe, Part 4)

It has actually been two days since I’ve written in this journal because last night I was very tired when I was supposed to be writing so I pretty much just went straight to bed after dinner. So I will now recall the last two days in the pages to come. Yesterday was Sunday, and we didn’t go to Mass with some people from the group, so we had several hours of free time in the morning. Norwood and I went walking around Haarlem, but nothing was open so we just walked around and looked at stuff and took a few pictures. I did manage to get this nifty sticker off of a pole, though.

They Say Venice is Sinking…

They say Venice is sinking. The most beautiful, charming, incredible city I’ve ever had the pleasure of feasting my eyes upon is sinking. Sure, they have the best minds in Engineering working on the problem, but the fact remains that Venice is still sinking.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Costa Rica

I haven’t yet been to Costa Rica, but it’s extremely high on my list of places to go, and with travel prices from the continental United States not being too high, I honestly don’t really know what my excuse is for not having been there yet. You can be assured I will be changing that fact in the near future.