Packing for San Diego, California

San Diego is an internationally known destination for surf, sun, and fun. We have a world famous zoo and some other truly awesome things to see and do, so I welcome you and hope you enjoy yourself.


I’m off to Florida!

I’ve packed my bags, and I’m off for a long weekend in Northwest Florida! I’ll be visiting the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area and I couldn’t be more excited! Plans involve eating, hanging out with my friend who lives there, eating some more, going swimming in absolutely gorgeous, warm waters, perhaps eating again, checking out some alligators, riding a fan boat, oh…and eating.

The Woman on the Plane

I boarded my flight from Los Angeles armed with a paperback copy of The Tao of Pooh, which I hadn’t read yet but was interested in. After we had all boarded and the flight attendants had finished with their safety demonstration, I settled in for the flight and cracked my book open, looking forward to the opportunity to relax and read for a while.

Visiting Vatican City

Nobody who has been to the Vatican can say that it isn’t impressive. The place is seriously massive and everything in it is elaborate and ornate. If you’re into classical art, you just hit the mother lode. The Vatican Museums are full of masterpieces of painting, sculpture, and other art forms that the popes have been collecting through the centuries.


Today’s post touches on the subject of Admiration, so I wanted to highlight some travelers who I admire. These are people who inspire me in various ways to get out there and make the most of my life and to explore this beautiful world of ours. Sure, we’ve all been inspired by Jack Kerouac and Paulo Coelho, but I’m not trying to go with high literature here. Some of these travelers are famous people you may have heard of, and some you may not have heard of. Either way, these people have contributed to my insatiable wanderlust throughout the years.