“But….They Hate us There.”

I’ve heard those words before when telling people I’m traveling to a destination, would like to travel to a destination, or had traveled to a destination in the past. One thing I’ve heard a lot of people mention as a concern when traveling abroad is a fear of Anti-American sentiments in other countries. There’s a fear of traveling to a destination only to find that the people “don’t like Americans”. It would seem that a lot of my fellow countrymen seem to find this off-putting, and often use it as an excuse not to leave the country.


Wanderlust Wednesday: Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s another Wanderlust Wednesday and today I’m dreaming about Buenos Aires, Argentina. This major cosmopolitan city is a beautiful mix between Latin American excitement and old world European charm. This is a city of the arts, of wine, of stately architecture and a vibrant nightlife.

The Florida Panhandle

I’ll tell you right now that this region is a vastly underrated travel destination. I spent most of my time in the towns of Destin and Fort Walton Beach. The beaches were covered in gorgeous, soft, powder white sand. The water was that gorgeous tropical teal color, and it was warm and crystal clear to boot. There were fun water sports to partake in such as boat rides, jet skis, parasailing, and kayaking.

Essential Things to Eat in Hawaii

If you’re planning on going to Hawaii any time soon, I’m jealous! You’re about to have an amazing time in one of my favorite places. You’re also in for a treat, quite literally, because Hawaii has some delicious food! Make sure you don’t leave the islands until you’ve feasted upon these awesome dishes:

I’m off to Florida!

I’ve packed my bags, and I’m off for a long weekend in Northwest Florida! I’ll be visiting the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area and I couldn’t be more excited! Plans involve eating, hanging out with my friend who lives there, eating some more, going swimming in absolutely gorgeous, warm waters, perhaps eating again, checking out some alligators, riding a fan boat, oh…and eating.