Spending A Weekend In The Perfect Tadoba Accommodation

Hello, everybody! I’m happy to announce a guest post today from Bill Williams. Bill is a writer who would like to share with us some tips for visiting Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India. Before Bill contacted me, I hadn’t actually heard of Tadoba National Park, so I was delighted to learn a little more about this unique place in the world and would love to visit someday!

Get Cultured in Los Angeles!

A fair warning: I’m going to pick on New Yorkers a bit in this post. I do it all with love and good humor, I promise. You’re tough, you can take it.

New York City and Los Angeles have long been in a sort of friendly battle over which city is better. Residents of both have their reasons for why their city is the best, and both have really compelling arguments. Honestly, both cities are awesome and have many things going for them. This post isn’t about inciting a New York vs. Los Angeles battle, because I know how heated those can get! Besides, having grown up in L.A., I’m more than a little biased on the subject. (Still, if you feel like making an argument for your side in the comments, I welcome a friendly debate).

Great Workouts to do on the Road

I previously wrote a post about Staying Fit While on the Road with some tips and ideas for staying healthy and getting exercise while still enjoying your vacation. I wanted to expand on the topic, however, because if we’re all being honest with ourselves, we all know that travel can seriously interrupt your fitness routine even when you have the best of intentions. Sometimes it’s not always an option to pack a bunch of extra workout clothes or fit in enough time to go out on some awesome fitness excursion.

It doesn’t need to be too difficult, however. I’ve put together this list of videos, routines, and apps for you that will help you fit exercise into your busy travel schedule wherever you happen to be.

Wanderlust Wednesday: India

One of the places I’ve always wanted to see is India. They say when somebody travels to India, that trip stays with them for their entire life. It is a place full of unique, rich culture. It is a place of amazing food, incredible sights, and experiences like no other on Earth. India, someday I will visit you.

Travel Jobs!

If you’re like me, you’ve most likely spent a significant amount of time sitting around with your head in the clouds daydreaming about a life where you get to travel more…and get paid for it! These kinds of jobs do exist, so if you’re looking for a change in career, you might consider one of these options.