Things about Croatia you have to experience yourself

Hello, friends! We have a guest post today from a writer named Alexa Vega, who has written about some of the wonderful things to see and do in Croatia. I’ve always wanted to visit Croatia and it’s high on my to-travel list, so I’m pretty excited about some of these suggestions. I hope you enjoy the post!
Alexa also writes for, so make sure to check it out for more awesome travel writing.

French Lessons: Useful Phrases for the French Speaking World

So, you’re traveling to the French speaking world? Perhaps it’s a lovely romp through Paris, the city of light, you’ve got in mind? Or perhaps you’re headed towards the beautiful Canadian city of Montreal? Perhaps you’re even planning on a wonderful week in the gorgeous, French speaking Caribbean island of Saint-Martin?

Honestly, you’re not going to have any problems getting around as an English speaker in these places, but I say half the fun of traveling somewhere that they speak a different language is getting to put a little bit of that language into practice!

No Accrued Vacation Time? No Problem. Get the Most out of Your Weekend.

I’m a working American with a full time job. The thing about this country is that it really is a great place full of interesting things to do, great places to see, delicious things to eat, and wonders to behold. The problem is, we all work too freaking much to be able to get out and experience it all! The average worker in the United States receives about 10 days of paid vacation time per year.

Scenic Road Trips Around NSW

Hello friends! I’m happy to announce we have a guest post today. Olivia from has written us some tips for taking a scenic road trip around New South Wales, Australia. I had the pleasure of visiting Sydney, Australia (which is in New South Wales) in 2015 and I can tell you there is no end to the things to see and do in the area. I did go on a few outings but would love to head back down there to check out some of these amazing road trips. If you’re heading to the area soon, you may want to consider adding some of these drives to your itinerary. Enjoy!

Packing With Just a Carry-on in Winter

I’m heading to Japan in February. Yes…in February. Yes…it’s going to be freezing, but scheduling worked out to mean this was the best time to go for my husband and myself, so February it is. Knowing full well that Japan is freezing in February and also knowing full well that I’m going to be tromping around on foot and using a lot of public transportation for this trip, I’m not exactly interested in packing particularly heavily. That’s why I’ll be traveling using only a carry-on size backpack and a small purse/backpack combo on this trip. So how does one pack for a two week trip in a cold place using only a carry-on? Here are some of my tips…