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Creepy Places to Visit in Paris

Paris is known of the city of lights…the city of love. While it’s true that it’s an amazing, romantic, beautiful place to explore, there’s more than one trick to this pony. Paris is also edgy, hip, full of history, and more. It’s also a place where some pretty creepy things can be found if you look just below the surface. The good news for you lovers of creepy attractions out there, is that there are a lot of these places that the public can actually visit. Yes please!

So, if you’re like me and you’re interested in seeing a little bit of the creepier side to Paris, read on…


Things I loved in Paris

But seriously…Paris is amazing. If you’ve never been, you’ll be dazzled by the iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Arc De Triomphe. But…there’s something about Paris. It’s the kind of place I could return to again and again and not only ever get bored, but also the kind of place I can return again and again (and again) and find something new and exciting each and every time. 

Places to Catch Incredible Views in Paris

I’m headed to Paris soon! Hooray! This will be my second visit to what is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing places in the world. Last time I was there, I did the whole tourist thing and visited the obligatory landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysses, and of course the Louvre. This time, however, I’m on a mission to dive a little deeper and discover some new and amazing things in the French capital. I’ve been doing my research and I wanted to share with you all about the wonderful places I’ve learned have incredible views of Paris! Read on if you’re headed to Paris (or if you just want to read about Paris)…

Inspiring Artist Alert: Shell Sherree

I love art, and I love travel, so when I find out about an artist who does beautiful art that fuels my wanderlust, I’m in love. Today I want to introduce you to an artist who I have been following on Instagram for some time: Shell Sherree. This Brisbane, Australia-based artist does beautiful, whimsical drawings of delightful women (and French bulldogs!) in various situations, but I think my favorites are the sketches that feature Paris! I want to share with you a few of the pieces that I have loved…

Wanderlust Wednesday:Paris

Anyway, my love for Paris leaves me constantly dreaming of those beautiful Parisian streets as I imagine myself sipping un café au lait at a sidewalk cafe. That’s why today I’m going to indulge in my Francophile desires and devote this Wanderlust Wednesday to my favorite city: Paris, France. Special thanks to the following Instagrammers for fueling my Wanderlust…

French Lessons: Useful Phrases for the French Speaking World

So, you’re traveling to the French speaking world? Perhaps it’s a lovely romp through Paris, the city of light, you’ve got in mind? Or perhaps you’re headed towards the beautiful Canadian city of Montreal? Perhaps you’re even planning on a wonderful week in the gorgeous, French speaking Caribbean island of Saint-Martin?

Honestly, you’re not going to have any problems getting around as an English speaker in these places, but I say half the fun of traveling somewhere that they speak a different language is getting to put a little bit of that language into practice!