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Things you should know about driving in Switzerland

On my recent drive through Switzerland, I learned a few things about driving in the country before heading out, and I was glad I did! I just wanted to write up a pretty short little post here as a guide for any of you who might be planning on taking a little road trip through Switzerland. 


Two hours in Lausanne, Switzerland

I wish I had been able to spend more time truly exploring and getting to know this beautiful gem in the Swiss Alps region, but even though I was only able to spend a little bit of time here, I was enchanted by this place. 

The Numbers of the Clock

As I prepare for another Monday, I find myself thinking about the passage of time (mostly because I wish the weekends would go by a little bit slower than they do). Of course, thinking about the passage of time gets me thinking about numbers and clocks. Thinking about clocks makes me think about famous clocks in Europe that I have seen or would like to see. I’m good at thinking in random tangents, like that.